Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Whatever happened to MS-13

In early 2018, there were dozens of articles about the dangers of MS-13 in high profile publications. Over a decade before in 2006 it was estimated that each career gang member cost taxpayers $1.7 to $2.3 million in a 10 year period. The New Yorker reported in January 2018, "There are roughly ten thousand MS-13 members in the United States, and some fifty thousand spread throughout Central America, but the gang is diffuse and disorganized, grouped in a loose patchwork of local chapters known as cliques. Its members are ruthless—they rob, extort, and kill—but they have relatively little money to show for all their violence. . ."

When Donald Trump called MS-13 animals, and they were streaming over the border with caravans of illegal immigrants, Democrats were quick to call him a racist, even though the ruthlessness and cruelty of this gang of central American origin had been reported for over 25 years. Even though in 2012 under Obama, it had been labeled by the government as a "transnational criminal organization."  Now I hardly see a single reference to them.

That's how Democrats are chasing reasons to impeach. Run from one Trump imagined travesty to the next. From bombshell to bust, from racist to war monger usually in just a few hours . . .



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