Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Overuse of the word CRISIS

What if media, politicians, academics and marketers couldn't use the word "crisis?"  It must be like the word “sale,” because it seems to work.

  • "Air quality is quickly becoming a global health crisis, especially in highly urbanized areas."
  • " Every year, Ohio’s drug crisis grows."
  • "Obesity crisis: 2 billion people now overweight. . ."
  • "We don’t have a “gun” crisis in America. We have a crisis of angry, young men."
  • "Refugee education in crisis."
  • "10 facts about Africa's education crisis."
  • "The ocean plastic crisis."
  • "Domestic violence crisis text line."
  • "Crisis of the nones in church."
  • "The American fashion industry is in crisis."
  • "At a moment of architectural crisis, Trent university . . . "
  • "The [water] crisis in Flint is a result of a failure at all levels of government. "
  • "Democrats face identity crisis."
  • "Are you ready for the financial crisis of 2019?"
  • "Adolescent girls in crisis."
  • "There is a gluten crisis hanging over the baking industry as several factors converge in a slow and insidious manner."
  • "Crisis management plan for your wedding."
  • "There's a global banana crisis."
  • "Are we handling the bee crisis wrong?"
  • "The coal crisis has hit Powder River Basin."
  • "Facebook is facing an existential crisis"
  • "The crisis of the Democrats is becoming more evident each week."
  • "The border crisis is fracturing the Democrat party."

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