Thursday, February 04, 2021

Honoring Officer Sicknick

Finally, the Democrats care about police--at least one of them, the Capitol officer who died the day after the January 6 attack. Brian Sicknick.  But there's no evidence on how he died. (I've heard he was a Trump supporter.) At first, it was reported he died of a stroke. Then that was changed to hit on the head. But instead of all the videos that circulate at other suspicious and politically motivated deaths, I've yet to see them. Yet many people (reporters) with cameras were there. An unarmed woman with no criminal record was shot in the back, and two other police officers have committed suicide, and three protesters have died of medical causes. Who's in charge of those investigations?

Democrats ignored all the attacks on their own cities and other federal property like court houses and statues. Democrat mayors and councils said, "Ho hum, no big deal" as their citizens were terrorized by hoodlums, miscreants and vandals. ["Thugs" is now considered a racist term because Trump used it, even though Obama used it before him.] Their cities were looted and burned by BLM, a well funded Marxist organization, and Antifa an anti-fascist Fascist group who can fund their own travel and expenses. They ignored attacks on police and supported the "defund police" movement. They then elected Joe Biden the guy who wrote the $30 Billion 1994 crime bill that has funneled so much money to the states to fund those same police departments and which some blame for so many black men in prison. Bill Clinton said, "You can't have civil justice without order and safety." Democrats are well organized to take advantage of chaos and crises, but are really messed up inside their hearts and heads.

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