Sunday, May 15, 2022

It would have been different if Trump were President

 If Trump were still President of the United States

We would not have raging inflation

Putin would not have invaded Ukraine

China would not be threatening Taiwan

The Department of Justice would not be surveilling parents of schoolchildren

The death toll for xxxxx would not be over one million

Therapeutics for xxxxx would have been available to save lives in early 2021

Doctors, nurses, police, military and truckers would still be on the job

Department of Disinformation definitely not needed; we’ve got Twitter and CNN for that

American businesses would not have been locked down

American businesses would be encouraged to restore loss to China industries

American businesses and consumers would have enough products from fossil fuel

Europe would be able to buy fuel without fear of Russia cutting them off

A billionaire from South Africa not needed to restore right to free speech

No leftist mobs would be intimidating Supreme Court Justices against the law

Teachers’ unions would not be corrupting your children and grandchildren

Fewer drugs would be crossing the border to kill Americans

Less sex and child trafficking at the border

Fewer xxxxx infections crossing the border to infect Americans

Honest and safe elections for all states

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