Friday, May 06, 2022

Gimme some of that

The St. Louis Federal Reserve website has an "Economic Equity Series" within its publications category. "Podcast about advancing a more inclusive and equitable economy." Sorry, Charlie, the job's already finished! Just watch the ads on TV. All the actors (and I assume writers, directors, stage managers, set designers, camera operators, editors, and producers) are 99% black and/or the occasional Asian or Hispanic. You can see for yourself that American blacks drive Mercedes, vacation in $100,000 RVs, wait in line for Starbucks $10 coffee, grill in the back yards of multimillion dollar homes with neighbors of all makes and models, wear designer clothes, visit the doctor and dentist regularly, and travel to exotic locations. The only white actors are filling the roles of the farmers, plumbers, wind shield replacers and gutter cleaners. Not only are the upper middle class consumers black, but the servers and salespeople are too! It's amazing how since May 2020 America has become so woke that there are no more "marginalized and poor" people of color. That must look pretty good to those border jumpers from 160 countries rushing our southern border.

The equity is that because most of the poor and marginalized 13% in the USA are actually white, the low income blacks can now sit in front of the TV just like low income whites and wonder how they can get on that gravy train.

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