Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Prepare yourselves for Biden's Climate emergency

Prepare for the Climate Emergency--Biden could shut you down--take your fuel, your money, your future, and Democrats will fall for it. Even some Republicans are dumb enough to fall for it. All to save something 2 centuries from now, they don't know what, and destroy what we have today. People who can't figure out men don't have babies are telling you to be afraid of climate models.

I just did an internet search--something really simple about when Ohio was under a glacier and it melted. I had to go through about 100 entries of scare stories that had nothing to do with the subject to find this:

"When the earliest ice sheets penetrated Ohio they dramatically changed drainage patterns in the state. The Erigans River was destroyed and the Teays River was dammed in southern Ohio. A large, ice-dammed lake, Lake Tight, formed in the valleys of southern Ohio, and adjacent Kentucky and West Virginia. Eventually, the lake spilled over low divides and cut new channels. This was the beginning of the creation of the Ohio River. The deep valleys of the Teays River and its tributaries were filled with sediment as they were overridden by the glacier. In some places in western Ohio the buried valley of the Teays River is more than 400 feet deep but no hint of it is visible on the flat surface of the landscape.

The advance of the Illinoian glacier 300,000 years ago continued the modification of the Ohio landscape, eroding bedrock and older sediments and depositing sediment as it melted. This glacier advanced the farthest south of any of the glaciations in Ohio. Deeply weathered Illinoian deposits are present in southwestern Ohio and in a narrow band through east-central Ohio.

The most recent and best preserved glacial deposits are from the Wisconsinan glaciation. This glacier entered Ohio about 24,000 years ago and was gone from the state by 14,000 years ago." . . .

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