Thursday, October 13, 2022

The renaming of military bases

Years ago Lakeside used to have a Civil War week. I remember attending a lecture on John Bell Hood and wondering why we had a military base named for a Confederate, and one who'd lost so many men. Then Victor Davis Hanson explained that today in his podcast. It turns out that after WWI Congress realized how poorly prepared the U.S. was. The Southern Democrats made a deal to get the appropriation. They would provide the land for the bases, which could revitalize their economy in the south, and they got naming rights. Now 100 years later Democrats who never noticed the Confederates before, are flipping on their agreement because of George Floyd guilt. They are really scrounging for wokeness in those disappeared names. Of course, not Patton or Westmoreland, they are too white. Isn't there anyone out there who served in the Gulf War who is a minority that has a good name for those streets, schools, and military forts?

"According to the commission’s report, Fort Benning will be named Fort Moore; Fort Polk will be renamed Fort Johnson; Fort Bragg will become Fort Liberty; Fort Gordon will become Fort Eisenhower; Fort Hood will become Fort Cavazos; Fort Lee will become Fort Gregg-Adams; Fort Pickett will become Fort Barfoot; Fort Rucker will be renamed to Fort Novosel." Fox News

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