Sunday, October 09, 2022

One Lie at a Time

Today I listened to a Becket Cook show, "One lie at a time" that discussed the Norman Lear comedies of the 1970s-80s, like "One day at a time," "Maud," and "All in the family." He referred to Lear's sit-coms as promoting the Marxist plan to abolish the traditional family by demeaning the role of fathers, glamorizing or laughing at sexual promiscuity, promoting subjective truth and no boundaries values, and normalizing the secular humanist view. Certainly something to think about because the younger boomers and older gen-x were simmered in this cultural stew.   One Lie at a Time - The Becket Cook Show - Becket Cook (

Becket had a successful career as a set designer in the Hollywood fashion world. He gave up that career and his flamboyant gay lifestyle when he became a Christian and went to seminary. He speaks at a lot of conferences and churches and has a podcast where he interviews many interesting people, some from the entertainment community (like Chynna Phillips).

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