Thursday, December 22, 2022

Preparing for the storm of a generation

I've now received three warnings about the coming storm--Ohio State, Spectrum (cable/wi fi provider) and AEP (electricity). Add to that the TV coverage when the weather departments get to display all those charts. Let's keep in mind that the people who really will be keeping us up and running aren't in Congress or at the University. They are line men, truckers, cable personnel, grocery store workers, the road crews, police and fire, and medical staff. All the politics and infighting will have to wait while the real backbone of the country keep us safe. Pray for all of them. Guess I'd better check on the batteries and candles. We're all-electric in this house.

Also, I noticed they are now naming winter storms.  When  did that start?

Update for Friday: The storm is expected to become a “bomb cyclone” Thursday evening into Friday. A bomb cyclone is when a storm rapidly intensifies – and drops 24 millibars (a term used to measure atmospheric pressure) in 24 hours. The storm is expected to reach the pressure equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane as it reaches the Great Lakes, with the weather service describing the strength of the low a “once-in-a-generation” event.

We'll have our Christmas dinner on Saturday evening with left overs on Christmas day.  That way we have time to go to church on Sunday (Dec. 25).  Here's the menu so far:  Glazed ham, baked yams, potato salad, escalloped corn, green beans, relish tray, mixed fresh fruit, possibly biscuits, with my daughter bring mac/cheese and an apple pie.  I have brownies in the oven right now, but now sure they are on the menu.

Yesterday I finished addressing all the Christmas cards, although I have some short letters to compose and send for out of country people.  Obviously, most won't make it by Christmas,  I had a terrific mess--some people may get two.  In 2021, I bought a new computer, but my daughter didn't have time to get it set up until the spring.  Just in case my label program wouldn't transfer (and it didn't), I printed an extra set from Dec. 2021.  Then in November she had time to work on the labels in a Word program.  After the 11th, I decided I couldn't wait any longer so I used 50 of the labels from the Dec. 2021 run, then we got the new labels for 2022 all corrected, sorted and printed.  But the sort was different, and some labels had been corrected.  Also we had given out about 24 cards at our reception on the 11th but hadn't tracked who got them.  I thought I'd go blind working back and forth between the two lists!  Finally, the are in the mail.

If you didn't get one, let me know.  We also have quite a few from other years.

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