Friday, December 09, 2022

The redefinition of marriage

Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance,, commented on this “redefinition” of marriage, noting that if liberals are intent to define marriage merely by “who you love,” it follows that any kind of union counts as well.

Bomberger commented, “A handful of House and Senate Republicans have handed the Left a dangerous victory — the redefinition of the very institution that every civilization depends upon: marriage. The entirety of the Democratic Party voted to redefine what God designed. The Republicans who voted against their own Party platform, their constituents, the Constitution, and the institution of marriage helped to pass the (zero) Respect for Marriage Act. This bill sues those who won’t comply with a lie.

“The (zero) Respect for Marriage Act and the First Amendment cannot co-exist. They will always be at odds. This is evidenced by widespread Leftist efforts to force religious organizations and people of faith to bow to LGBTQ+ dogma or be fined, fired, de-platformed, sued and/or bankrupted. The ACLU and Lambda Legal have succeeded in shutting down faith-based adoption agencies for who they are (Christians) and who they love (vulnerable children who need a married mom and dad). In government-run schools, such as those where I live in Loudoun County, Virginia, LGBTQ indoctrination trumps reading, writing and arithmetic and students’ safety. Americans of faith, or even no faith, should be deeply concerned when a government starts dictating what we’re able to believe or speak.”

Bomberger continued, “Voters’ moral dissonance is resounding. Hollywood, news and social media have been relentless in swaying the majority (60%) of Americans to support same-sex marriage, yet half (50%) of those polled simultaneously fear the negative impact on religious liberty. Policies have consequences. Bad policies have casualties. What stops the radical Left from legalizing bigamy, polygamy, incestual unions, objectophilia, or marriages between children and adults?

“Love is love, right?”

Bomberger explained, “The legislation’s text starts off declaring: ‘No union is more profound than marriage.’ This is true. Marriage between one man and one woman — and the family (whether biological or adopted) created by that union — is the bedrock of every society. Sadly, that won’t stop a self-identifying ‘Catholic’ President Biden, who blatantly defies Catholic teachings on human sexuality and our fundamental right to life, from disrespecting and dismantling marriage.

“This is just another attempt by the radical Left and ‘Republicans in Name Only’ congressmen to try to control the language by changing the very meaning of words. They also bolster their false ‘equality’ claims by hitching ‘race’ to ‘sexual orientation’ and pretending that marriages like mine (my wife is Greek/Italian, and I’m Nigerian/Ukrainian) are in any way threatened. Marriages of people of different hues of skin are not comparable, at all, to the redefinition of marriage that accommodates two men, two women, and what will eventually have to include polygamous unions or anything else that falls under the #LoveIsLove banner.

“Section 6 of the bill (which acknowledges the First Amendment’s individual religious freedom and conscience protections) actually contradicts the entire purpose of the law which forces persons ‘acting under color of State’ to comply or be sued. Americans who work for the government, like our brave men and women in the military who protect our freedoms, don’t lose their Constitutional rights. There is predictable irony that a ‘progressive’ bill that claims to provide equal protection under the law proudly treats millions of Americans unequally.”

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