Sunday, December 18, 2022

Rerun from October 19, 2019

Today is Sunday and we're making arrangements to be with Phil later (had brain surgery on Tuesday). Funny flashbacks to the 1970s. Raising kids is a challenge, and those families you see in the church narthex on Sunday morning, smiling and sweet and adorable, have probably just been through hell to get there with car seat hassle and snow suit zipping and "Where is your left shoe, young man?"

One Sunday morning we finally got everyone into the driveway and were heading for the garage when Phil did a break away run, dashing the opposite direction. Bob's a pretty quiet, calm, reserved guy, but he'd had enough and in those days he was bigger than Phil. He caught him, tanned his little bottom, and almost tossed him into the car. Phoebe and I just stood there wide eyed, and didn't say a word.

We walked into the narthex of UALC after a short drive down Mountview Rd. and I'm sure all the congregants nodded and smiled and thought, "Isn't that just an adorable family, and so well behaved, too."

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