Thursday, February 23, 2023


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Strategic Diversity Planning, Training, and Assessment Unit at Ohio State University is offering a fine selection for minds of mush at a stomach turning and very expensive buffet. After 9 months student/staff/faculty gets a certificate in a new mind set, the entry key to the various corporations trying to meet DIE standards.

DEI Foundations

Social Identity 101

Microaggressions 101

Microinterventions (follows Microaggressions)

Microaggressions and Me

Navigating Difficult DEI Conversations

Practice Makes Progress: Microinterventions

Reflect and Reset

Covid 19 and anti-Asian Racism

"In addition to the above workshops aimed at DEI educational experiences, the Office of Strategic Diversity Planning, Training, and Assessment also offers Inclusive Excellence Workshops providing guidance on planning and assessment. We also maintain a list of additional DEI education resources and trainings available from other units at Ohio State."

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