Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Reproductive rights

The HHS has a Department of Reproductive Rights and so does the Department of Justice. The whole phrase "reproductive rights" may be one of the most misleading euphemisms in government hoodwink speak. And that says a lot. If you reproduce a designer gown you don't grab scissors and cut off the arms; if you reproduce a document, you don't jam a metal instrument in the innards of the photocopy machine and hope you get a good copy.
"Reproductive rights" means the right to kill a baby, a helpless human being, whether shortly after conception with a few pills or up to the end of the pregnancy at 9.5 lbs, 22 inches by sucking out the brain as the baby emerges. It's the bed rock foundation of everything the Democrats stand for. If some Democrats had their way, they'd include the 2 years after a live birth to be sure the baby meets the government specs. The blood lust of Joe Biden created these departments after the SCOTUS decision in 2022, Executive Order 14076.


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