Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Tucker--best in the business

"Carlson, 53, was the best in the business — the most interesting, the most provocative, the most compelling, the most scathing personality out there — and no one else was even close. The numbers bore that out, week after week after week. But in a numbers-driven business, the Fox News potentates decided that their mild and moderate sensibilities were more important than calling out the wrongness of the world around us: the nihilism of the Left, the cognitive decline of the American president, the wickedness and cultishness of the transgender movement, the incessant race-baiting of the Democrat Party, the craven DEI obsessiveness of corporate America, the socially engineered destruction of our military, the corruption of the FBI, the two-tiered justice system that pervades us — we could go on. And Carlson did go on. And on. And on."

https://patriotpost.us/articles/96777? Douglas Andrews

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