Saturday, April 23, 2005

986 As the weather turns nasty in Ohio

The artificial floral arrangement I have on the outside wall next to the front door is looking springy and welcoming. I bought it at Merlin's in Oregon, IL when we visited there earlier in the month. It has to be one of the nicest foral/gift stores in the midwest, so if you're ever in the area, stop for a visit or call (815)732-2969 to send flowers in the area. However, even this attractive basket can't cover for the cold, sloppy turn our weather has made. Last week the 80s, and now snow is predicted, at least for the counties north of us. It may be the latest snow we've had on record.

While at Caribou this morning I noticed two moms dressed in their black and gold "crew" sweats. Recalling the times I've seen the chilled and wet supporters along the river when I went to McDonald's along Rt. 33 years ago, I said, "Is there ever good weather for Crew events?" They laughed and said they had actually been on their way to Cincinnati when they got word that the weather was so bad the event was cancelled. "So we stopped for coffee and thought we'd go stand in the rain to drink it," they laughed. They were soon on their cell phones consoling their kids who were already there and terribly disappointed at the cancellation. Moms. Aren't they just the greatest?

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