Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2902 I watched 3 TV shows!

I overslept this morning until 6:15. My inner clock is confused with the trip to California, where I was waking up at 4 a.m. which was 7 a.m. in Ohio. However, I watched three TV shows last night--"Dancing with the Stars," the premiere of the new Ted Danson show, "Help me help you," and "Boston Legal," which I'd never seen. Thoroughly enjoyed them all. We love to dance and enjoyed ourselves at Debbie and John's wedding reception Saturday night where the disc jockey played a minimum of the boomer tuners and almost nothing of Gen-X era stuff.

The Boston Legal show was the premiere of season three and the introduction of some new characters (I think). Here's the scoop from a fan site: "New attorney Jeffrey Coho and Denise Bauer defend a judicial clerk suspected in the death of the married judge he was sleeping with. Alan enlists successful domestic law attorney Claire Simms to help an adoptive mother who was fired for requesting maternity leave, made all the more challenging when she meets her client, a large African-American transvestite. Denny is accused of being a dwarf bigot and Shirley demands the complaint against him gets resolved before it tarnishes the firm." I thought it was hilarious and touching, especially the big black guy Clarence who thought he was more funny as Clarissa. The Denise Bauer character was great. The dwarf episode shows up everyone's inner bigot.

I also enjoyed the Ted Danson premiere even though some critics panned it. I recall one contract job I had for a library network in which we shared the building with a psychiatrist and his clients. We often heard screams and yells from his office, and sometimes I think it was he and his wife, so I'm not surprised that counselors have significant personal problems.

The Dancing show always suffers from a weak female host, this year Samantha Somebody. I find it hard to believe that with all the female celebrity wannabees they can't find someone who at least looks happy to be on camera. Maybe they do that to keep Tom Bergeron looking quick and funny?

My husband kept saying, "Who are these people?" But I think I recognized more than I did in season 1 (when the soap star I'd never seen before showed us way too much), which was a summer replacement that caught on, wasn't it? Here's this season's bios, but the website is way overdone with annoying advertising. Bruno has a blog. Jerry Springer, a fellow Ohioan, wants to hang on only long enough to learn the waltz for his daughter's wedding. He was the worst male dancer, so that was probably a ploy for votes.

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