Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thursday Thirteen--Out damn'd spot, out I say

Thirteen things about spots in Norma's world

1) Lady Macbeth was hallucinating when she said that, but I wasn't. There definitely were rust-colored spots on the front of the on-sale, pale yellow, pants suit that fit me perfectly.

2) It sort of looked like small drops of blood! Just like Shakespeare!

3) A friend was in the store at the same time and I showed it to her. She suggested Tide to Go--said she'd had good luck with it.

4) I reluctantly put the suit back, but that day I bought the little instant stain remover that looks like a pen and is small enough to sit on the bottom of your purse and sneak back into the dressing room.

5) I returned to the store, went into the dressing room and applied a little to the smallest, least noticeable spot. Wow. It disappeared, and left no outline on the fabric!

6) I took the suit to the cash register along with a moss green blouse with yellow petal appliques.

7) The first time I wore it (pale yellow) I brushed up against something and got a much larger spot on the knee. I sat down with my little Tide to Go, and poof it was gone.

8) For several weeks I've had my eye on a pair of brown stacked heels at Meijer's. They were on a mark-down table because (I think) the right shoe had some really odd spots on the leather--maybe a mold.

9) Each week I looked at them when I shopped for groceries. I had the exact pair in black and they are the most comfortable shoes I own.

10) So yesterday I dug around in the laundry room and found some brown shoe polish. I put a small amount on a piece of cloth, put that inside a plastic bag which I placed in my purse and went back to the store.

11) The table had been moved and at first I thought the shoes were gone, but after walking around awhile, I found them. I slipped the piece of cloth out of my purse and wiped it on the spots. They did not disappear, but they did blend into the texture.

12) Because I had shopped there the day before, I had a coupon for shoes and jewelry (not cat litter which I really needed or a digital camera that I really wanted). So I bought the shoes that fit and look nice (and shiny) for $5.40.

13) Shoe polish doesn't come off your fingers quite so easily, so I probably looked like I'd just changed a diaper when I got to the check out, but I keep alcohol gel hand cleaner in the car, and that took care of my newest spots!


Unknown said...

what a nice list!!! I have heard that tide stain remover thing rocks!

Jane said...

I think 'Tide-to-Go' is GREAT!! I keep one in my purse all the time and I always take one when I travel. It has come in handy MANY times.
My T13 is up.

twiga92 said...

That would be handy to have! I've gotten white-out on my pants before and could have used some spot remover.

Carmen said...

That Tide to go was a great addition to your purse. :) Maybe use it on your "polished" fingers. :)

Unknown said...

Adding this to my grocery list. Sounds like a great addition to the saddlebags on the bike :)
Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

Very interesting:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list!

Anonymous said...

Happy TT! Great list!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Norma, you are truly creative and innovative. And bold, too; I'd have never had the guts to do that stuff!

My hat's off to you on this fine Thursday. I hope you'll stop by West of Mars again, when my characters are up to their hijinx.

Janet said...

You're a cleanin' machine! Love those Tide sticks!

Dane Bramage said...

Spots naturally appear on every tie I own. Especially after lunch. Spot remover/pre-treater would be great to have but I refuse to carry a purse just for that! Thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13 #44, the 13 Really Really Bad Movies Edition. And yes they are all REAL movies.

Anonymous said...

I have three or four of those tide to go things, at least one at home, one in the car, and one my desk at work that is a shared resource.

It is not a pre-treatment it really removes the spots. It takes out Indian food quite well so one does not like an idiot when they get on the plane with a dime sized spot in the center of my shirt.