Saturday, December 08, 2007

SpudNuts redux

Certain blog entries get hits regularly--broken zippers, frozen car doors, the auto show, Fornesetti plates, Roger Vernam--and SpudNuts. I blogged about this treat which I enjoyed on the Urbana side of the University of Illinois campus in the 1950s and 1960s here.

In rechecking the sites that mention this delectable donut, I found an article written about the inventors, the Pelton Brothers, in the April 1952 Modern Mechanix magazine. The whole article is scanned and almost as tasty as the Spudnuts I remember. However, I'm not sending you to the link, because right after I enjoyed it, I got a notice from McAfee that I had a virus, various messages appeared, and then everything went down. But it's out there, if you want to pursue it. The virus might be totally unrelated, but just thought I'd mention it if any SpudNut fans are reading this.

Update on pedometer: Currently at 8802, which means I'm about 6,000 steps behind. Not easy to get stepping in bad weather.

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