Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hypocrites about education—for me not thee

Rich Democrats want everyone else's kids to go to pubic school, but they send theirs to private schools. And vote against charters and scholarships for poor children when they have the opportunity. Obama never attended a U.S. public school, sends his daughters to private school, and doesn't support charters for poor kids because he's beholden to the teachers' unions.

“When the avowedly liberal actor Matt Damon revealed in an interview last week that he was sending his children to private schools - despite his vocal criticism of education reform efforts and statements about his staunch public school support – it was catnip for conservatives. Damon’s choice also raised the question of whether it is hypocritical for education reform opponents to make choices they would deny to others through public policy.”

Hollywood liberals also think it is OK to take guns away from the general public, but to protect their own families and staff with security guards armed to the teeth.

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