Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What will he do about Syria?

Yup. I have friends and relatives who abandoned support for Bush because of the wars for which he had Congressional approval. They helped vote in Obama, who gave comfort to the enemy while a Senator, dawdled around about the surge in 2009 until Afghanistan lit up again and now he's lost more men in 4 years than Bush did in 8, and he's ready to go to war in Syria not even caring that we'd have to support one or the other of two really bad players. The U.S. leader has zip, nada, zilch credibility.


veg soup day said...

Or we could take the Reagan position when Iraq poisoned Iranians,,, ignore it. Or is poisoning so morally evil that we act. I think the Obama position of 'verifying before you strike' is correct. Too bad Bush did not verify those WMDs before he took us to an illegal war.

Norma said...

Actually, Bush did. The intelligence he had was just about the same as we have today that Obama will use as an excuse, but because he's Obama, it will be OK with you. Assad's dead 100,000 by conventional weapons are just as dead as those chemical deaths--if they exist. Obama has flubbed this, and you just can't admit it.