Friday, January 31, 2014

Immigration reform? Let’s try 1986 version

We could save a lot of money and hot air by just enforcing our old immigration law. By ignoring it, we now have many millions more illegal aliens within our borders, giving Mexico a good reason not to value its citizens, mostly brown skinned, who they send north for opportunity even though Mexico is rich in natural resources.

"The act I am signing today (Nov. 6, 1986) is the product of one of the longest and most difficult legislative undertakings of recent memory. It has truly been a bipartisan effort, with this administration and the allies of immigration reform in the Congress, of both parties, working together to accomplish these critically important reforms. Future generations of Americans will be thankful for our efforts to humanely regain control of our borders and thereby preserve the value of one of the most sacred possessions of our people: American citizenship.” President Ronald Reagan

See how well bi-partisanship works?

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