Wednesday, January 29, 2014



By Jack Burnette

It was grand noble thing,

When we rebelled George, our king.

And declared ourselves an independent nation.

Where patriots’ blood once stained the ground.

Hordes of snollygosters now abound.

Fattening their wallets through self-serving legislation.

Our Founding Fathers must be appalled.

To watch our congress display their gall.

To let lobbyist so easily chart our course.

Right and Left are not immune,

They’re mere puppets who’ve danced the tune,

Like the south end of a mangy northbound horse.

But the piper must have his fee,

Now it’s left to you and me,

So take heed and make a mental note.

How greedy scoundrels feed

At the trough,

And how we bleed,

And remember in November when we vote.

snol·ly·gos·ter [ snóllee gòstər ]

1. self-seeker: somebody, especially a politician, whose actions are motivated by self-interest rather than by high principles

2. This appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch 10/21/2013

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