Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Columbia Mall Shooting

They always look for motives. He wasn't poor—a preppy; he graduated from a great pubic high school; he had a job; was environmentally conscientious; liked by others; loved by his family.  But he was suicidal and apparently did want to be known before he left this life. There are common denominators in these tragedies--young and male and mentally troubled. Three dead (including the shooter) and five injured.


Darion Marcus Aguilar

Two law enforcement officials, speaking on the condition of ­anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said Aguilar kept a journal in which he described suicidal thoughts. When the young man’s mother reported him missing Saturday, they said, a police detective was sent to the home. He began reading the journal, but Aguilar’s mother demanded he stop.

Later, after authorities identified Aguilar as the shooter, police seized the journal. In addition to the references to suicide, it contains notes expressing hatred of certain groups, according to the officials, who did not elaborate in detail.

Update: "Howard County police said they have reviewed Aguilar's journal and are examining his cellphone and a home computer, but have found nothing that connects him with the victims. Of the journal, authorities said only that Aguilar "knew he was having mental health issues. . . For more than a year, Aguilar had lived with his mother in the 4700 block of Hollywood Road in College Park — about a half-hour drive from the mall. Before that, Aguilar and his family lived in Silver Spring, about 20 minutes from the mall.

Aguilar did not have a driver's license, according to a Rockville gun shop owner who sold him the shotgun used in the attack. Aguilar used a state learner's permit for identification when he bought the gun Dec. 10." Baltimore Sun


Anonymous said...

and he could get a gun NRa strangely silent on this one,too

Norma said...

The WaPo story spent most of the inches on the gun he obtained. What would you like NRA to say? This area has gun control, registration, the mall probably had signs forbidding guns. We'll know more when they can analyze his diary. If he was mentally disturbed and willing to murder people, why would he obey gun laws?