Friday, January 31, 2014

Seasons of Gray; a modern day Joseph story

I'm watching a movie at home. Don't do that very often. "Seasons of Gray: A modern day Joseph story." It’s excellent, and I think would be appropriate for your small group or Sunday school class, or to introduce your non-church friends to the Biblical story of faith, reconciliation and forgiveness. As the producer and editor says, “We want to show how God uses for good the things man intends for evil. We’re excited about the film getting a chance to bring this message to a broader audience.”

Brady Gray is the favored son of a two-time widower on a Texas ranch, and dad makes things tough for him by showing favoritism. He has dreams. He's forced off the ranch by his jealous brothers, after a violent beating and branding. He hangs on to his faith. Brady makes a new life for himself, then is accused of sexual assault and thrown in jail.  Very touching jail scenes as he becomes accepted by the other inmates.  In his darkest moments Brady still trusts God. 

Small budget, good acting (good looking, too). Don't confuse it with the 50 shades of gray, this is a faith based film. It was produced with support from Watermark Community Church in Dallas. “Seasons of Gray” is “the culmination of a nearly decade-old dream by former Watermark staff member Paul Stehlik, now a missionary in Africa, to share biblical stories through the medium of film, updated in a modern cultural context for contemporary audiences.” This film is a great start. I loved the fresh telling of an old, old story.

The DVD is now available.  If I can talk the librarian into it, there will be a copy in the UALC church library.

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