Sunday, August 09, 2015

Google the Donald to see who he really is

Michael Smith nails it again. (From his FB page)

I think Trump is a "new deal" (lower case) Democrat pretending to be a Republican, and so many are falling for it. Love Michael’s Crusades example:

    "Trump is actually executing a brilliant strategy of deception. He has the establishment GOP thinking he is all Tea Party and he has all the Tea Party thinking he is the establishment.

    For being critical of him, I have been called a neocon AND a right wing extremist within an hour of each other.

    Trump is running a variant of the Iranian "Death to America" scam. His followers are reacting just like Obama did to the Iranian mullahs by saying, "they say that but that's not what they mean." If I wanted to destroy the Republican Party once and for all, Trump would be the kind of interloper I would send in.

    During the Crusades, Christians held an impenetrable castle in Syria, commanding the main route through the area. The Krac des Chevaliers was built by the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and it was so impenetrable that even though the Muslim army outnumbered the Christian knights 20 to 1,the 12,000 Muslim soldiers equipped with state of the art siege engines could not breach it. It was only taken over in 1271 via an act of deception when the Muslim general, Sultan Baibars, captured it by way of a forged letter purportedly from the Hospitallers' Grand Master that caused the knights to surrender. Of course, he promised the knights safe passage and then beheaded them after they surrendered.

    I guess they were chanting "Death to Hospitallers!" but the knights didn't think they meant it. Once this fortress was lost, the Christians were completely driven out of the Middle East.

    Trump has brought the same kind of letter to Krac des GOP with his populist, anti-political correctness shtick but his credentials are just as fake as Sultan Baibars' forged letter.

    For goodness sake, I know we want a strong presence - but go do a little googling on Donald's former positions. He's a Democrat when he needs to be and a Real Republican™ when it furthers his goals. One thing he has never been is a conservative. Trump has made billions by doing whatever is necessary to make a deal work. This man has no allegiance other than to "the deal" and his current deal is that he wants to be sitting in the Oval Office.

    We have 16 other strong choices (well, probably 10), let's not be so blind to the deception. We have good, strong candidates with all the upsides of His Hairness and none of his downsides. Trump is nothing less than Sultan Baibars in a bespoke Savile Row suit.”

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