Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday evening thoughts, 6 p.m.

Today I've been thinking about a testimony I heard in church this morning. It wasn't a "come to Jesus" call, but a story about how homeless, indigent and ill people are helped in his community in North Carolina at a small facility supported by as many as 500 volunteers. It takes in people recently released from the hospital who have no home or family to return to. No government money is accepted so they can freely offer the Good News of salvation in Jesus. Many of those who are helped will never make it back to main stream life or jobs or health; but that really isn't what Jesus calls us to do. Serve them, and we meet him. Bless those faithful who not only serve, but give the rest of us hope.

I had planned to attend sunset vespers at 8 p.m. tonight--my last chance before returning to Columbus to watch a sunset over the lake while praising the Lord, but the rain is already in Toledo and moving this way.

Lakeside sunset

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