Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lakeside Trellises, Arbors, Pergolas and Gazebos, pt. 2

Gazebos and Pergolas


This is the best known gazebo in Lakeside, Steel Memorial.  It’s in the park close to the lake and hosts many concerts, vesper services, and weddings. It has a sound system and storage underneath. There’s not a lovelier spot in Lakeside on a beautiful summer afternoon.


This gazebo is screened.


This gazebo finishes some deck space.


I’m not sure anyone sits in this small gazebo which provides for flowers and vines at an intersection.  The lilies were particularly beautiful this year (2015) due to all the rain in June.  I think they lasted about 2 weeks longer than usual.


This large colonial style home has 3 pergolas, two sides on north and south and west in the back.



Although it’s a little difficult to tell the intention of this structure, I think it began as a pergola, then a rose trellis was added for some side privacy, and then a tent style trellis for vegetables or tomatoes is near by.


Another pergola trellis combination (this may actually have a structural name that I don’t know) serving as gateway to the cottage which has an early 1950s hip look (although with so many remodelings sometimes it’s hard to tell).


This pergola won’t provide the patio with protection from rain, but makes a nice support for a trellis overhead.

041 (2)

This was Ellie West’s cottage and now has new owners. I think the pergola would look better if painted, but no one asked me.  It’s a “Ross Hip” near the lake and was extensively remodeled to provide a first floor sewing room and bedroom suite for the former owner.


This “cottage” is quite grand, and squared with most architectual features screened or filled in, so the pergola provides a nice side interest.

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