Thursday, August 06, 2015

How is this progressive, or women’s health care?

We know slavery has existed since the beginning of time, and a slave was not a considered real person by the owner or society. Even the U.S. Supreme Court declared it so. We know infants and children were sacrificed in the name of good crops, the monarch, angry gods and the state. But until the release of the Planned Parenthood videos, especially the 5th one, I don't think I ever really saw the evil of the complicity of our cooperation with pure evil that combined elements of both. The utter disregard for personhood and the belief that babies could and should be killed for the greater good of society. And this is the "progressive" era?

Ayesha Kreutz is a black civil rights/pro-life leader with a Facebook page.  By her own admission she’s had abortions, which she now regrets, but also knows she has been forgiven through the blood of Jesus.  Today she records a conversation on the 5th video. I think this is where the buyer and Dr. Savita Ginde are looking through a bag of aborted baby parts.

The following conversation between Ginde and the baby parts buyer

Ginde: So, also possibly a twin in there.

Ginde: This is part of the head.

Buyer: Oh wow. That – this is high quality.

Ginde: Yea. The nose?

Buyer: Yea, I see the mouth and everything

Ginde: Here’s the heart…My fingers will smoosh it if I try to pick it up. The heart is right there.

Ginde: A lot of times I‘ll get a full torso, spine, kidneys. You could send the whole thing or pick that apart.

Ginde: But sometimes with the residents, I tell them to poke around, and sometimes embryology will come full circle. Find all the parts you know…I think it’s pretty amazing.

Ginde: Do you want me to get rigid forceps or something so you can pull that out?

Buyer: Do you have like a little one?

Ginde: I don’t have a little one, but I have a big one. You can pull out a leg or something.

Buyer: Oh, and kinda just dangle it? Yea, why not?

Ginde: It’s a baby.

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