Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Hyde Amendment and Tim Kaine

September 30 was the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment which is estimated to have saved 2 million lives. You probably didn't see anything on the news because our media are controlled by forces that don't care about life issues. The Democratic Party’s platform promises to repeal of the Hyde Amendment because it “impede[s] a woman’s access to abortion.” It also promises to continuing funding Planned Parenthood, the country's largest abortion provider that receives half a billion in our tax dollars which are then laundered to payback various members of Congress during their campaigns. Hillary Clinton is also in favor of moving backward on Hyde. Vice-Presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, who is "I'm a Catholic, but" has said he will subordinate his support for Hyde to Clinton’s agenda against it if their ticket wins in November.

 If Hillary doesn't win, I guess Kaine continues to support Hyde to save his own political hide. Before the DNC convention, ""My voting position on abortion hasn't really changed," Kaine said in the interview aired Sunday. "I support the Hyde Amendment. I haven't changed that." 

Then NARAL and Hillary's campaign manager came after him, and Woot! he changed his moral values concerning life. And don't clutter my comments window with stories of Trump's flip flops. We all know that, and we also know no one elected him to anything in the past based on his promises and religious convictions. We know Hillary has flip flopped in order to get elected and lied about even very small things.  She can't resist a lie if it looks good on her.

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