Friday, November 25, 2016

Advantages of books over the internet

I read a lot--but more and more it's on a screen, which encourages skipping, wandering off to another topic, and the flicker is bad for the eye sight.  I'm trying to read a difficult book and keep putting it down.  Then I came across an old blog that suggested 15 minutes a day of doing anything can help develop a habit.  So I'm setting the timer and sitting down to read this book--away from the computer.


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Paula said...

I've returned to reading actual books. I buy some retail, some second-hand, and get some from the library. My eyes need a rest from the constant screen time. The Kindle is great for travel, but nothing beats ink on paper. It's just easier to sit and focus on the page that way. And now I have a cute booklight so I can read in bed for a few minutes and then snuggle off to sleep all cozy and warm without getting up to shut off the main light... bliss!