Saturday, November 19, 2016

Just a few years ago--like thirty

Not since the mega-wealthy Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has there been a bigger alarmist and liar than Elizabeth Warren, who got where she is by claiming to be a member of a protected group. I heard a clip of her speech today where she said a "few years ago" and then prattled on about Jeff Sessions. The incident she was referring to was 30 years ago. Well, 30 years ago she was self-identifying as a minority law teacher in directories right up through her appointment at Harvard. That was gold for government grants for the schools that hired her. If it was a few years ago for Sessions, it was a few years ago for Warren, and just a few years since the Democrats kept electing a former Klan member Robert Byrd as the longest serving (1959-2010) member to Congress.

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