Tuesday, November 22, 2016

President elect for 14 days

First the media gave Donald Trump millions of dollars of free advertising when they figured they'd help the DNC rig the primaries by knocking out the other candidates with the big money PACs like Jeb Bush. Then they slammed him every chance they could when he actually won that with the highest vote count in the history of the GOP. Then when he won the election against the anointed one who was to maintain the Obama legacy, they went into high gear.  They've been making up all sorts of rules he has to follow to make them happy.

1) Don't go to dinner without them, 2) don't speak after being lectured by Broadway actors, 3) tolerate riots in the streets by paid agitators. Now he's had a video chat ala FDR's fireside chats and  some are screaming he's Kim Jong-il (because Hitler didn't have the technology). I guess they've forgotten Obama's European tour preaching to huge crowds in Germany before he was elected.  Someone needs to write and publish a guidebook for presidents-elect, or at least the ones who are not accomplished, polished politicians.

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