Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 12 is National Pizza Day

Neil Cavuto says today is National Pizza day. Works for me. 
"National Pizza Day is dedicated to appreciating pizza, a baked flatbread that is topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Many toppings and sauces can be added to pizzas, including vegetables, meats and seafood. Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy around the 10th century, and has since grown to become one of the most popular foods in America." 
I think I first tasted pizza in 1956 on a date with a guy from Oregon, IL named Leonard with an Italian last name who played trombone. I thought it was so awful I think I only ate one or two pieces, and that was just to impress him. Tried it again in college, and then gradually developed a taste. Like for dinner tonight.

photos from Iaconos Pizza, which we love

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Paula said...

Yum! I had a craving the other week and luckily at a Game Night party right before Halloween there was a delicious mushroom pizza. It was a thick-crust and super-cheesy one, so a single slice was very satisfying. I can enjoy either the hearty deep-dish Chicago style (though not if it's made with a pastry crust -- yucky!) or the thinner, foldable NY/NJ style. No need to argue about which is better... both are great! Enjoy your dinner. :)