Friday, January 20, 2017

Anarchists and Marxists have come together to protest in major cities

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 Many of the organizations backing the anti-inauguration events are "worker this or that," "globalist so and so" and "people unite for blah blah." Their names/titles are pretty clear. They only laid low because Obama was black, but they've been working over time behind the scenes for years. Communism under any name is still that, statism/socialism, the problem is today's young adults weren't even born when the USSR collapsed, and that's when American Communists took over the movement.

I wish the demonstrations and terrorist acts were just bad sport, toddler tantrums, but they aren't. These are goon level, 1917 Russia food riots, but no one demonstrating is poor, or suffering or losing in WWI. Marxism has that sort of energy--what it says it is about (racism, sexism, homophobia in 21st century Europe or America) it isn't, no matter the country or era. It's not workers' rights; it's not about larger apartments or better food. It's not about health.  It's all about power to the state and the leaders' skill to drag the little guy in.

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