Thursday, June 01, 2017

Is Evergreen the face of the future on college campuses?

No, the worm isn't turning yet, but he's catching on. A progressive, Bernie supporter, liberal Jew and one who has stood up for racial equality and "social justice" all his life,  Professor Weinstein has the best take on what is happening, and he realizes where the left is going.  He says the white anarchists have taken over the black students (people of color) and now speak for them.  The anarchists have taken over the campus and  now have cowed the president and the campus police and Weinstein's only crime is that he is white. His life has been threatened and that of his wife, also a liberal. The college administration refuses to protect them, and simply warns them to stay away because of the danger.  And it's coming to a campus or classroom near you. If you are white, it won't matter if you believe in "women's reproductive health" causes, or hate Trump, or are tenured faculty with liberal beliefs, or even if you marched with a pink pussy hat on your head.  They are coming for YOU and the people who are supposed to support and protect you against the false stigma of racism have been silenced. No mainstream media outlet has reached out for him to tell his story--only Tucker Carlson (Fox) and Rubin.  Even the left wing media has been totally cowed. They have no angle--he's anti-racist, pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-all the media's favorite memes.  How could they report this?

Bret Weinstein, professor at Evergreen State College

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