Thursday, June 15, 2017

There is a backlash, more from the left than the right

We didn't know about the shooting of Republicans at the baseball practice--we were flying over the nation on our way home from Edinburgh, then saw a snippet on a Fox crawl through the seats on the plane. Rush Limbaugh said Hodgkinson’s Facebook Page Reads Like a CNN Panel on Russia. Yet, remember, Rush and "talk radio" are always blamed by the left, but the violence comes from them. They are blind to the hammering of Trump and Republicans (98% negative according to a recent study done at Harvard) and the ridicule on late night TV which is earning them high ratings and more money. They night after night talk about Russia hacking the election and destroying our democracy when in fact they are the ones, drip, drip, drip, until the unhinged believe them, despite no evidence.

Just Google a very general search about liberals (politicians, media, entertainers) who ask the public to kill, assassinate or maim conservatives/Republicans, or who accuse Republicans of wanting to starve or kill the poor and elderly and you'll see that the search bring up their hatred, the incendiary language, the riots at little Middlebury and huge Berkeley, burning buildings, blocking speeches, and insulting millions of Americans by Clinton as racists, sexists and bigots, all in the name of the first amendment while demonizing the second amendment. Obama blamed the right with no evidence after the Gifford shooting, but it is the left weirdos and anarchists who actually commit the violence in the name of protecting THEIR free expression.

In February 2016 an Atlantic article opined:   "There is a backlash against the liberalism of the Obama era. But it is louder than it is strong. Instead of turning right, the country as a whole is still moving to the left." Yes, this Atlantic article eventually gets around to blaming the right for violence on the left. Racism and growing violence in the Black Lives Matter movement is blamed on whites (for any reason including their race).

"The Right doesn't like it but the Left loves it. And it is economic violence in our system. "There has been little public backlash on economics, either. President Obama has intervened more extensively in the economy than any other president in close to half a century. In his first year, he pushed through the largest economic stimulus in American history—larger in inflation-adjusted terms than Franklin Roosevelt’s famed Works Progress Administration. In his second year, he muscled universal health care through Congress, something progressives had been dreaming about since Theodore Roosevelt ran as a Bull Moose. That same year, he signed a law re-regulating Wall Street. He’s also spent roughly $20 billion bailing out the auto industry, increased fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks, toughened emissions standards for coal-fired power plants, authorized the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the production of carbon dioxide, expanded the Food and Drug Administration’s ability to regulate the sale of tobacco products, doubled the amount of fruits and vegetables required in school lunches, designated 2 million acres as wilderness, and protected more than 1,000 miles of rivers."

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