Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday at Lakeside

Busy Wednesday. I'm going to the herb group at 8:30 on the lakefront. I only use salt and pepper when I cook, but it's a lovely group and a nice way to meet people. Then I'm taking my friend Nancy out for a birthday lunch at that new pay it forward diner in Port Clinton that helps the low income .  I hear the food is great.  Staffed by volunteers.  Then the community picnic is at 5:30. I'm debating about attending the afternoon lecture on nutrition and fitness. Tough life at Lakeside Chautauqua, but someone has to do it.

Update:  The herb group meeting was great.  Looks like an interesting season of programs with a field trip to Mulberry Creek Herb Farm, 3312 Bogart Rd. Huron, OH 44829

Lunch at Bistro 163 was delicious.  What a wonderful program.  Suggested prices, and the staff are volunteers, sort of like docents, who explain what the non-profit is about.  During the school year they bring kids there for tutoring, and then send them home with a healthy snack.  I had salmon and a salad, and Nancy had flat bread with figs, bacon and focaccia which I tasted, and we both had coconut bread pudding for dessert.

I did make it to the afternoon nutrition lecture, which included some very basic information about calories, metabolism, micronutrients, and controllable and uncontrollable factors. She reported on the Biggest Loser study (2016) and long term change. and some interesting books by Brian Wansick, Mindless eating and Slim by design.  I learned that people who have food on their kitchen counter, particularly cereal, are more likely to be over weight, and people who have fruit on the counter, weigh less.

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