Friday, October 27, 2017

The hacked e-mails of Clinton

I missed this in the Hillary hacked leaks. Rereading BBC list. Podesta also called Sanders "a doofus." Is it racist or bigoted to refer to people as "food groups?"
"Mrs Clinton's campaign considered Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates or his wife Melinda as her running mate, according to the hacked emails. 
Mr Podesta drafted a list of nearly 40 names for her potential vice-presidential pick, organising it by what he called "rough food groups", which appeared to refer to demographic coalitions. 
The list included Hispanic, white and black men, three former high-ranking military officers, business leaders and female senators.  
Among those included were Apple's Tim Cook, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, General Motors' Marry Barra and Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz. 
Senator Bernie Sanders was listed in a group by himself. "

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