Saturday, April 30, 2022

End of the month round up. The world of Biden just gets crazier. Food shortages. Jesus the gardener.

The misinformation "Baghdad Bob" lady, Nina Jankowicz,  that's going to run the "truth office" of the DHS has really stirred things up, hasn't she? I wrote about her before. I wonder if it has anything to do with how many Hispanics and Blacks are turning to the GOP?  Democrats think men can be women by hoping/thinking, and that Ivermectin is unsafe, and that free speech is bad if they aren't in control. Some truth guards they are. Even immigrants know when they are being conned--look where they come from and what they are fleeing!  The Democrats need a venue in Spanish to explain their constant drumbeat about race, color and sex. What better way than using the office that first greets them (and hundreds of other nations) at the border? Can you even imagine the uproar from the media if Donald Trump had suggested he owned free speech and that's all you could hear or know. Wow.

While returning from the gym this morning I heard an old Catholic homily on the importance of the inauguration of Barack Obama. Father John Ricardo, Pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Plymouth, Michigan.   Obviously from their 2009 archives, but I can't locate it for a link. He began with what an historic, important event it was and how we all needed to pray for the new president. And he moved on to the danger of Obama's anti-life mission and how he intended to undo the protections for life already in the law. (At that time, Obama's stance on abortion was the most radical of all politicians, state and federal.)  My mind drifted to the sad fact that instead of the hope people had at the time of his election for healing of old racial wounds (even I was hopeful there would be less manic concern about race) he exacerbated and poked his finger in the eyes of all who support his leftist goals. What a shame.  It could have turned out so differently.  The racism ball had been rolling in academe for a long time--now it picked up speed. 

Recently I wrote about some shortages.  Strange ones.  But this morning at Wal-Mart I found oyster crackers, both name brand (over $3) and house brand ($1).  I bought 2 packages since I didn't know how good they would be, but I should have bought more.  I've already eaten about half a package, and they are fine.  I also found Hersey's dark cacao. That was in short supply or unavailable where I usually shop, so I bought two.  I don't want to strip the shelves and create shortages.

Last Sunday's sermon by our senior pastor Steve Turnbull had an interesting take on Mary at the Tomb in John 20,  and her meeting the one she thought was the gardener. What if Mary wasn't wrong.  What if there is a gardener; we long to do something with our lives.  I found an interesting site on the internet that uses art--paintings, woodcuts, tapestry--with that theme--Mary meeting Jesus as a gardener. In the paintings Jesus is often shown with a hoe or spade.  Sometimes a hat and overalls.   Browse and enjoy.  The art is incredible.  I went back and listened to the sermon again.

Last night we went to our favorite Friday night date restaurant, the Rusty Bucket, with Bill and Joyce, and Joan and Jerry and then back to Joan's for dessert--peach cobbler made by Joyce. All of us have summer homes.  Bill and Joyce leave about mid-May for their home on an island in Lake Erie and we just signed the papers to sell our home in Lakeside. Jerry is recovering from some serious surgery and so we don't know when they'll get to Michigan. We all go to the same church where we met within the last 2 decades.   

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