Thursday, April 21, 2022

Will we protect Finland's border and not our own?

"Should Finland join NATO, the United States, under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, would be obligated to go to war with the world’s largest nuclear power to retrieve Finnish lands that an enraged Russia might grab.

Moscow has already indicated that, should Sweden and Finland join NATO, Russia will introduce new nuclear weapons into the Baltic region.

Why is it wise for us to formally agree, in perpetuity, as NATO is a permanent alliance, to go to war with Russia, for Finland?

Given the war in Ukraine and concomitant crisis in Eastern Europe, it is understandable why Stockholm and Helsinki would seek greater security beneath the U.S. nuclear umbrella."

Pat Buchanan has been needling the right and left for as long as I've been paying attention.  He didn't like President Bush.  You won't be able to accept all his warnings and logic, but often right, and I don't mean just politically.

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