Saturday, April 30, 2022

The War in Ethiopia has been made worse by our focus on Ukraine

"Footage and news coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been all-encompassing. This is partly because widespread social media use in Ukraine and partly because reporters have much greater access to the front lines.

In Ethiopia, both of these are massively restricted. Clips of military strikes in Mariupol fill our TV screens while next to no footage of the atrocities which have taken place in the East African country have surfaced.

Also, while journalists are prevented from showing the world the tragedy being inflicted upon millions of people, humanitarian aid has also been blocked from accessing the affected regions.

The invasion of Ukraine has, unfortunately, only made this issue worse, as global attention on the war has meant that humanitarian aid has been redirected."

Four years ago this April, our church UALC was celebrating with the Oromo Church of Central Ohio its move to a new church building which we helped fund.  The Oromo people are from Ethiopia, and one of their own is the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

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