Friday, April 08, 2022

Who's zoomin' who

The latest news about intelligence (spies) failure only confirms why there is constant misinformation on the internet, and conservatives/the right should NOT be punished for it. It's often the deep state who is to blame, no matter which party is in charge.

The latest is the fake DHS workers (from names appear to be Muslims, but who knows if that isn't fake) infiltrating the real (I think) Secret Service, even one who guarded Jill Biden. The real Secret Service was actually accepting gifts from the fake DHS.

Then we find out the WH has been lying about the chemical weapons in Russia story, so Biden could fool Putin, but instead just alarmed millions of Americans. And that was done with the complicity and perhaps knowledge of the media.

We know it was intelligence failures that warned President Bush of WMD, and when he acted on it, the Democrats blamed him and abandoned his leadership in Afghanistan and Iraq which they had voted for. But the intelligence failures were from the Clinton years.

We were finally told that yes, Obama's staff had been "spying" on Trump before his inauguration, but meanwhile Trump was blamed for being paranoid.
The NYT and WaPo have finally come out with the truth about Hunter Biden and his connections with Burisma (Ukraine) and CCP through his lap top. Even though they knew well ahead of the election they shut down the truth and ridiculed on the MSM any reports about the laptop.
After the dirty deed was done and the economy and personal lives destroyed the research finally appeared on what a failure the Covid lockdowns were in stopping the virus, and continue to be.
Even after we finally learn that yes, CDC was taking its "science" advice from the leftist teachers' unions, not actual research, the masking continues.
Even after we have ongoing warnings from Fauci (NIH and Satan) that Americans have to be more cautious, Biden lets millions of unvaccinated border jumpers cross the border and get on busses to your communities where your children are still masked for school and you need a mask to get on an airplane.

In the words of dear departed Aretha in 1985: "Who's zoomin' who" which has various meanings, the cleanest of which means who is checking out who, or who's going to score when both are playing around.

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