Thursday, September 15, 2022

Kinley Shogren painting

Kinley Shogren (1924-1991) was a "fine Cleveland artist of the mid-20th Century. He became known for his popular watercolor scenes around rural Ohio, and was an authority on Great Lakes shipping and ships. He painted a great number of the freighters and other craft sailing the Great Lakes, including an accurate detailed written description of the boat for each." From an auction site description.

And today I was browsing through art items at the cancer resale store and noticed a Kinley Shogren painting of a boat in a harbor--sort of misty with two other boats barely seen in the fog.  I'd never heard of the artist, but noticed the note on the back that he was from Mansfield, Ohio and the painting was a class study. Usually, I'm not impressed with their art items, but for $10 I thought it was wonderful.  So I bought it. There's some glare on the glass but this is a pretty good likeness.  Local paper features a show, include the obituary.  A painting of Jesus by Shogren done for a church is placed in another church 40 years later.  His son tells of posing for his father.

His typical style is very tight and realistic, particularly the ships and landscapes.  He was concerned with accuracy.  But I like the fresh and quick sketch look of my "find." Here are others I found at auction sites.


Update.  The name on the back of the painting (seems to be original owner) is Neal Layne.  I looked him up and he lived our community, died in 2003, and was an architect.  Bob remembers him!  Services were here in UA but he is buried in Mansfield, where the artist taught and had his studio. 

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