Thursday, September 29, 2022

Transgenderism goes mainstream

Does anyone remember maybe 40-50 years ago Billy Graham was vilified by the Leftists for suggesting that rapists might be castrated to stop their attacks on women and boys? He apologized. Now we have everyone from university medical schools, to the AMA to the President of the United States claiming it's OK either through surgery or hormone blockers to castrate boys who fantasize about wearing dresses and attracting men. Yes, even adolescents or younger, no counseling, just confusion or a fantasy. And some of the parents go along to get along. My, how things change in the Halls of Ivy.
And we get to participate in this new form of child abuse by funding it with our tax dollars. We've got a clinic right here on the Ohio State campus (and all the other public university campuses like Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati). An abusers' "heaven." Only they dress it up (no pun) a little and call it, Transgender Heaven. Look it up, I'm not kidding.

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