Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Shooting at the gay night club

 Did you know that the man who killed the people in the gay club in Colorado along with the limp criminal system that let him roam the streets to murder despite his record of violence are not to blame? No. No. The media hardly mention that. They point to Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson and Christopher Ruffo--outspoken child protectors who regularly publish and report on breast amputation and castration of children in the name of "queer theory." There are also drag queen and queer non-profits feeding their lies to the media.

Children don't drive themselves to the library to sit and watch men dressed in drag read stories about rainbows and confused toddlers. The libraries (very liberal) and their parents (confused) do that--suckers for the organized well-financed trans and queer (their word, not mine) agenda. Actually, those defenders of children (Tucker, Ruffo, Walsh) are defending our Democracy--to use a phrase the leftists have stolen from us. They are using their first amendment rights to call out a crime against children and a crime against humanity and a crime against civilization. A crime that until about 10 years ago, was recognized by all civilized people. Now the WH Resident recommends it and our usually incoherent non-verbal Vice Harris lauds it.
Soon we won't be able to use logic and Constitutional rights against this crime, just like the I-word and the H-word in fighting the c-word pandemic.

P.S. The man who murdered these people changed his name--male to male--because he had a criminal record. He had threatened to "harm his mother with "a homemade bomb, multiple weapons and ammunition," according to a news release from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in Colorado Springs." But the Democrats and their lap dancing media mavens want to blame those trying to save children--from the womb to the library story hour.

2nd P.S.  Now he's "come out" as non binary.

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