Tuesday, January 03, 2023

A mother's love

I try to use Brave for my search engine, but occasionally I get thrown into an MSN site which feeds me all the latest dirt on celebrities. They seem to die awfully young--as was this announcement about a gay porn star who worked for oddly named studios--names I couldn't repeat here. In any case "a woman [who] identified herself as his mother . . . wrote, “Thank you for all of your kind words. [He] was a light in this world and he is now a light in Heaven…. He is also with all of his friends and family who went before him…. [When he died,] He was at someone’s home whom we don’t know where that was or who he was with. This is not a message of blame.” The announcement went on to say he'd been living in a medical care facility being treated for something not explained.

Really, life is hard on the wild side.

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