Monday, January 16, 2023

Fairfax County up to Seven Schools hurting Asian American students

Now it's 7 schools in Fairfax County promoting "equity" by hurting other students. "These high schools include Annandale High School, West Potomac High School, John R Lewis High School, Edison High School, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Westfield High School, and Langley High School. The Virgina Governor told ABC 7, "They have a maniacal focus on equal outcomes for all students at all costs. And at the heart of the American dream, is excelling, is advancing, is stretching and recognizing that we have students that have different capabilities." He continued, "Some students have the ability to perform at one level, others need more help, and we have to allow students to run as fast as they can to dream the biggest dreams they can possibly dream and then go get them." Youngkin also said, "The reality is that we have a superintendent in Fairfax schools who has explicitly stated that her top objective is equal outcomes for all students, regardless of the price."

Virginia Gov Glenn Youngkin slams 7 Fairfax schools for hoodwinking merit students to boost 'equity' | MEAWW

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