Thursday, January 19, 2023

More racist schools in Fairfax Co. or more sites of hidden documents?

Today on Bruce Hooley's show (98.5 FM Columbus) he was taking bets (not for real) on which numbers will increase faster--the number of schools in Fairfax Co. (DC) involved in the racist equity scandal (now up to 17), or the number of documents (now over 20?) and sites (is it 4 or 5) involved in Joe Biden's scandal. Either way, you know Democrats are involved at every step of the way. They are brushing off all their Jim Crow methods of the past.

The worst scandal, of course, is how the FBI and the media are treating two document situations, one far more serious than the other. Trump had a right to the documents and Biden didn't. Biden had his for 6 years in a variety of places not secured with one place paid for by the Chinese, the other in a house with his druggie son. What could possibly go wrong. The FBI raided Mar a Lago, but they are allowing Biden's lawyers to use kid gloves and blind folds to find and report is.

75% of the students cheated out of their merit scholarship reporting on college applications were Asian American. I'm betting not a one was Hispanic or Black.

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