Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Twitter, Big Government, Big Pharma and J-6

With all we've learned from the recent Twitter dumps about the 2016 and 2020 elections and Covid vaccine and the role of Big Pharma and the government have had in stomping on the First Amendment and the enormity and seriousness of how that destroys our nation, it's time for all the J-6 people to be freed, exonerated and paid reparations. A group of angry citizens infiltrated by the corrupt FBI, CIA, DoJ, and the role of Nancy Pelosi, the DC police and mayor puts the U.S. beyond the 3rd world or Soviet justice system.
And the citizens and the media already knew about the laptop and how the gov't spread the rumors with media's cooperation that it was Russian "disinformation." So now we find out Joe Biden's personal guards and lackeys found top secret documents in his clocked closet before the mid-terms and kept it quiet. To add the the alphabet soup departments, that escape involves yet another swamp creature, the NARA (national archives), which apparently in 6 years had never noticed they were missing, yet jumped all over the Mar-a-lago documents in a closet. I've often told you how left leaning librarians are, but they are nothing compared to archivists.
This smells worse than a street in Pelosi's district in San Francisco. And no matter how they try to flush it into the ocean, I think some of this is going to stick.

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