Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Old letter--May 25, 2000--cleaning out the files

 What would I do without old letters cluttering up my computer files?  I'm trying to delete the dead wood, and found this from 2000. It must have been a slow day.  It was about 4 months before I retired.  My dad was still alive.  9/11 hadn't changed out lives. Obama hadn't poisoned the well. Bob was helping Dad with remodeling the Lustron and we would be there in the fall to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. I had fallen at work on a wet floor, and was still looking for help for the pain.

"My Dad called today to tell me Wanda Wiggins had mentioned me in her Pine Creek column in the Mt. Morris paper. I had written her a "fan" letter because even though I don't know anyone she talks about, her column has the folksy touch I like in a small town paper--like when you and your Mom wrote for the paper. I sent her my Tales from Pine Creek that I wrote for the family reunion in 1993. Because she grew up there and was the same age as my Aunt Lois, she really enjoyed it. Her children all went to Mt. Morris H.S., but were much younger than us.

I got a full two page e-mail/letter today from a guy in Indiana who has remodeled a Lustron. I asked him about replacing a bathtub, and I got a blow by blow description of everything he did--insulation, wiring--all the outlets he put in the kitchen. The guy was really into Lustrons!

I finally saw a doctor about my foot/leg problem from my fall on May 9. It just wasn't getting any better and my right leg and back were hurting from limping. He had it x-rayed and said there are no broken bones. There is a fluid build up from the bad bruising, and the fluid moves around, which is why some days it hurts and other days seem OK. So I'm to keep it elevated, use ice, and take an anti-inflammatory, which I still have from my rotator cuff problem. He also said I have all but 5% motion in my shoulder, and I could probably not worry about that--I think it is reverse psychology because I told him I hadn't been doing my exercises as I should.

We're going to the Lake house for Memorial Day week-end. I'm taking a vacation day so I'll have a 4 day week-end."

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